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BIOS2114: Applications of Biotechniques (2012 - Semester 2)

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Unit: BIOS2114: Applications of Biotechniques (6 CP)
Mode: Normal-Day
On Offer: Yes
Level: Intermediate
Faculty/School: Biomedical Science
Unit Coordinator/s: Dr Hegedus, Elizabeth
Dr Oakes, Diana
Dr Willis, Catherine
Session options: Semester 1, Semester 2
Versions for this Unit:
Campus: Cumberland
Pre-Requisites: None.
Brief Handbook Description: In this unit of study students will learn currently-used basic techniques of microbiology, immunosassays and molecular biology. Advances in biotechnology will also be explored. Emphasis is placed on learning practical skills that are universally used in research and clinical laboratories. Material will be presented in lectures and laboratory practical classes. Practical classes focus on techniques that enable analyses of microbes in food, diagnosis of disease and crime scene investigations.
Assumed Knowledge: None.
Timetable: BIOS2114 Timetable
Time Commitment:
# Activity Name Hours per Week Sessions per Week Weeks per Semester
1 Lecture 2.00 6
2 Practical work 2.00 6
Assessment Description: Assignment (45%), end semester exam (55%)