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BIOS1173: Disease in Ageing (2013 - Semester 2)

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Unit: BIOS1173: Disease in Ageing (6 CP)
Mode: Distance Education
On Offer: Yes
Level: Junior
Faculty/School: Biomedical Science
Unit Coordinator/s: Dr Knight, Peter
Session options: Semester 2
Versions for this Unit:
Campus: Cumberland
Pre-Requisites: None.
Brief Handbook Description: This unit of study examines the disease processes and other physical health issues, which are important as people age. Students will study the factors which are responsible for the increased incidence of disease in the aged, the role of environmental factors in the development of disease, the relationships between disease and functional limitation, and the measures which can be taken to minimize the development and biological impact of disease. Students will also examine the relationships between the biomedical effects of ageing and sexuality. There will be in-depth consideration of one common disease of the aged, and its management in terms of prevention, treatment and residual disability.
Assumed Knowledge: 6 credit points of any Junior Biology
Timetable: BIOS1173 Timetable
T&L Activities: independent learning package with email support, no on-campus attendance required
Assessment Description: mid semester exam (30%), end semester exam (70%)
Grade Type Description
Standards Based Assessment Final grades in this unit are awarded at levels of HD for High Distinction, DI (previously D) for Distinction, CR for Credit, PS (previously P) for Pass and FA (previously F) for Fail as defined by University of Sydney Assessment Policy. Details of the Assessment Policy are available on the Policies website at . Standards for grades in individual assessment tasks and the summative method for obtaining a final mark in the unit will be set out in a marking guide supplied by the unit coordinator.